If I deposit money in the ATM, when is it available to me?

Our general policy is to allow you to withdraw funds deposited in your account on the first business day after the day we receive your deposit. Funds from electronic direct deposit will be available on the day we receive the deposit. In some cases, we may delay your ability to withdraw funds beyond the first business day. Then, the funds will generally be available bu the second business day after the day of deposit. Please view our Funds Availability Policy disclosure.

How do I close my account with MCCCU?

You may request to close your account in person at any MCCCU branch location or by written request. Please be sure to include your signature with your written request for verification. Mail your request to:
Motor City Co-op Credit Union
37321 Garfield Road
Clinton Township, MI 48036-2052

How do I change the contact information on my account?

You can login to your Web Branch account to update your email address.

My account says it's frozen, what happened, and what do I do?

As part of the security of the system, your account will be frozen after five attempts to logon with an incorrect password. If you receive this message, contact us at 586.228.8484.

How can I change my Web Branch password?

Once you have signed on to your account, you will be at Web Branch's main menu. Now, click Security Settings, Change Login Profile. Your new password must fit several requirements.

How do I transfer between two different MCCCU accounts?

If your account has been set up for this service, your other account will appear in one of the drop down boxes in which you select the account to transfer from/to. You must contact us to let us know which accounts you would like set up for this type of transaction. If you have more than one account at MCCCU, transferring between two accounts can be accomplished using Web Branch "Transfers" menu.

What are my loan payment options in Web Branch?

Within the "Transfers" menu, you have the following options: Share and Loan Transfers: Select this option to make your loan payment immediately from a share (savings or checking) account. Schedule Share to Loan Transfer: Select this option to schedule a non-recurring loan payment transfer from a share account to your loan. The transfer will take place at the end of the day on the date you schedule the payment to take place.

How Do I Unlock My Account?

If you have locked your account from Web Branch access, you need to contact the credit union at 586.228.8484 opt. 2, email us or call our Member Solutions Center at 586.228.8484. We will verify your identity and provide you with a new temporary password for Web Branch. When you login with the temporary password, you will need to change your password.

Why Is My Web Branch Account Locked?

If you are unable to successfully answer your security questions, your Web Branch account will be locked and will not allow you further access. Your account will remain in locked status until you contact the Credit Union to verify your identity. Keep in mind that lockouts occur at the account level, which means that if your joint party/authorized user locks the account, neither you nor your joint party/authorized user will be able to access your Web Branch account until it is unlocked by the Credit Union.


What do I need to set up bill payment?

You will need an MCCCU checking account, a Web Branch password, and Internet access.

How much does Bill Payment cost?

Bill Payment is free for all account holders.

What happens if my electronic payment fails?

If your electronic payment fails and is returned to our Bill Payment service, you will receive an email from the Bill Payment service to resolve the issue. If your account is not properly credited, please contact Member Solutions at 586.228.8484.

Can I rush a payment?

Yes, for an additional fee, you can send payments with expedited shipping during the setup process. See Bill Pay Terms & Conditions

Can I view Bill Payment Check images?

No, if you need a copy of your check, please contact our Member Solutions Center at 586.228.8484.

Can I use Bill Payment for international payments or transfers?

No. Bill Payment can only process domestic payments and transfers. Contact the credit union for other international payment or transfer options.

What is the minimum Bill Payment amount?

Payments or transfers must be at least $1.00.

Are Bill Payments processed on the weekend or holidays?

No. Bill Payments are not processed on the weekends or on the following Federal Reserve Holidays: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.


What are eStatements?

eStatements are an electronic notice of your monthly or quarterly statements which will take the place of your mailed paper statements. A 3-year archive of eStatements is accessible in Web Branch by selecting the "eStatements" link within the Web Branch left hand menu.

How much does MCCCU's eStatement service cost?

There is no charge for MCCCU's eStatement service.

How do I sign up for eStatements?

Login to Web Branch; choose the eStatement tab. Select eStatements as your delivery method for the appropriate statements and/or notices. Enter and confirm your current email address and agree to the online disclosure.

How will I receive my eStatements?

You will receive an email from MCCCU, stating that your eStatement is available in Web Branch. To view your eStatement, login to Web Branch, select eStatements.

Why did I have to give my email address to sign up?

The primary member's email address is needed to send an email notification that your statement is available on Web Branch. For security reason, we don’t actually send your statement.

Will my eStatement be available in Web Branch if for some reason I don't receive my email notification?

Your eStatement and email notification is independent of one another. If you do not receive your email notification, your eStatement will still be available in Web Branch.

What do I need to view my eStatement online?

You will need a Web Branch access code and Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your statement.

What if I don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader?

This free software program is available for download at: Click on the download button. Select Save from the pop up menu (we recommend that you save to your hard drive). Double click on the file and select Next in the series of pop-up boxes. Then select Refresh/Reload on your browser.

Is my eStatement secure and safe?

Yes, your statement is stored behind firewalls and is transmitted to your Internet Browser using encryption.

When will my eStatement be available?

Your eStatement will be available during the first week of the month. You will receive an email notification from MCCCU when your eStatement is ready.

How long will my eStatement be available?

A 3-year archive of eStatements is available through Web Branch. To access statements in Web Branch, simply select the eStatements from the left hand menu.

What if I want to cancel my eStatement?

You can switch back to the paper delivery method at any time. To switch, simply click on eStatements within Web Branch, click eStatements and then select Paper Statement for your Statement Delivery Method. Please remember the paper statement fee of $3 per statement is waived if you are under the age of 17 and over 62 or if you have Direct Deposit, Checking, a Loan or a VISA credit card.

Can I have my eStatement email notification sent to more than one email address?

No, we can only send your eStatement notification to the email address of the primary member.

How do I notify the credit union of my new email address?

You can edit your email address in Web Branch on the Security Settings page. There is the option to "Click here if you wish to update your email address" located under your name and account number.

Is there a fee for eAlerts?

There is no fee for eAlerts. We won’t charge you to receive an eAlert. However, standard text messaging rates apply; please contact your cell phone provider for details.

How do I opt-out of receiving eAlerts?

You control what eAlerts you want to receive. Log in to Web Branch, click on eAlerts and click remove Alert on the eAlert you want to discontinue.

How do I opt-out in Web Branch?

Please call us at 586.228.8484 or email us if you would like to opt-out.

I have enrolled for eAlerts, and I am still not receiving them, what's going on?

Please make sure you have fully completed the enrollment process. To do this you will need to log into Web Branch and select the Manage option. Please select the Statement, eAlert & Notification Settings under My Information & Preferences and verify that the word enrolled shows next to your mobile number and/or email. If it shows that you are not enrolled please select the enroll link and a new screen will appear asking you to agree to the terms and conditions. Once you have checked the appropriate boxes press the continue button and you will confirm on the next screen. This will complete the enrollment process for eAlerts.

If you have successfully enrolled and are still not receiving alerts, please scroll down to your eAlerts Preferences. Make sure that you have the eAlerts you wish to receive by text and/or email checked and the appropriate limits entered in the fields that request them. Please remember you will not receive an eAlert until the action has happened on your account. It can take up to 24 hours to process your enrollment for eAlerts.

Can I set up multiple phone numbers to receive eAlerts for the same account?

You may have 2 eAlerts notification, either email or text per account. We understand that multiple parties on an account may want to receive the same eAlerts, consider signing up one party’s contact information for the text alerts, and signing up the other party’s information for the email alerts.

Can I manage my eAlert settings in the MCCCU Mobile App?

No, you need to set them up in Web Branch.


What is Mobile Branch?

MCCCU's new Mobile Branch service is wireless and internet/browser-based and allows our members to securely perform a variety of transactions and tasks on any internet-compatible mobile smart phones or devices. Locate nearby ATMs, check account balances, transfer funds, and more! You may also use a Smartphone or other tablet to access a full, mobile-optimized version of MCCCU's website by visiting on your phone and then selecting the Full Site link located toward the bottom of the screen.

What services are available with Mobile Branch?
  • View account balances
  • Access recent transaction history
  • Transfer funds
  • Make loan payments
  • Use Bill Pay
  • Locate free CO-OP ATMs and Share Branch by city or zip code
  • Find MCCCU branch locations, hours, and contact information
  • Make Mobile Deposits of your paper checks (Mobile Deposit Disclosure)
  • Securely correspond with MCCCU through the Mobile Branch Message Center
What do I need in order to access Mobile Branch?
  • Motor City Co-op Credit Union account with Web Branch
  • A Web Branch password
  • Access to the primary account holder’s email on the device
  • An internet-compatible cell phone or mobile device
How do I access Mobile Branch?

You can access Mobile Branch on any smartphone with internet access. Search " Motor City Mobile Branch" in the App Store or Google Play store to download our FREE app. We’ll send a special one-use-only PIN for logging in the first time to your email address on file. After that, use your current Web Branch PIN.

What do I enter for my account and password when logging-in to Mobile Branch?

Your account number and password will be the same as the information you input to access Web Branch online banking. Need to sign up for Web Branch? Please call us at 586.228.8484 or email us.

I don't know my account number or password for Mobile Branch. How do I get this information?

Youruser ID and password for Mobile Branch will be the same as user ID and password used to access Web Branch. You may request a Web Branch/Mobile Branch password online or by calling 586.228.8484.

How do I perform transfers using Mobile Branch?

Transfers may be performed within Mobile Branch to any MCCCU account to which you have established electronic transfer access. Transfer funds by logging-in to Mobile Branch and selecting the 'Transfers' link located toward the top of the screen. Select the account out of which you would like to transfer funds, and then input the amount of money you would like to transfer. Select the destination account for this transfer, confirm your transfer, and funds will be transferred immediately.

How do I make payments to my loans using Mobile Branch?

To pay your MCCCU loans using Mobile Branch, login to Mobile Branch and select the 'Transfers' link located toward the top of the screen. Select the account from which you would like to withdraw the funds for your payment, and then input the amount for your payment. On the following screen, select the loan account to which you would like this payment applied. Confirm your payment transfer on the next screen, and your payment will be applied immediately. Mobile Branch cannot be used to pay your MCCCU loans with funds from another financial institution, and you also cannot make mortgage payments within Mobile Branch.

What address should I mail my loan payments?

Loan payments should be mailed to:
Motor City Co-op Credit Union
37321 Garfield Road
Clinton Township, MI 48036-2052

How do I login to Mobile Branch?

You will need your Web Branch ID and password. If you do not remember your account number or password, please contact us by calling 586.228.8484.

What can I do with Mobile Branch?

You can perform a number of transactions with Mobile Branch.; view account balance, view transaction history, search for MCCCU branches, ATM locations, Shared Branches and Service Centers, contact MCCCU, transfer funds between MCCCU accounts and make payments to MCCCU loans.

Can I use Bill Pay via MCCCU Mobile?

Yes, if you have already established Bill Pay through Web Branch.

Mobile Branch is available for which mobile devices?

MCCCU Mobile is currently available for iPhone®/iPad ®/iPod® Touch and Android® phones.

Is MCCCU Mobile App as secure as Web Branch and Mobile Branch?

Yes. Security is a top priority at Motor City Co-op Credit Union. All transactions conducted via MCCCU Mobile are secure. We recommend that members take the necessary precautions to add a security code for your phone and turn off auto-complete features.

What is the MCCCU Mobile App?

MCCCU Mobile is a free downloadable application to securely access and perform transactions on your Motor City Co-op Credit Union account. Download Now! 


Where do I send my mortgage payments?

Please detach the correct coupon and mail it with your check or money order payable to Mortgage Center. Be sure to write your account number on the check or money order. Do NOT send cash. Mail all payments to:

  • Mortgage Center LLC, P. O. Box 2171, Southfield, MI 48037-2171

For your convenience in making timely payments and to avoid late charges, automatic payment deductions from checking or savings accounts are available. Please call our Mortgage Center Service Department at 800-454-0356 for more information, or complete the application online.


What is the difference between my ATM card and MasterMoney Debit Card?

Your ATM card can be used at ATMs to withdraw funds from your account. The MasterMoney Debit Card works like an ATM card and credit card combined into one. You can use your MasterMoney Debit Card to access funds from your account at the ATM and also make purchases at any store, online or by phone that accepts the MasterMoney Debit Card. When you use the card, the amount of your purchase is automatically deducted from your checking account. Although the MasterMoney Debit Card works like a credit card, it is NOT a line-of-credit.

How do I change the PIN for my MCCCU ATM or MasterMoney Debit Card?

Your PIN is computer generated. Unfortunately, you are unable to change or select your PIN.

My wallet was lost/stolen. What do I do about my ATM or MasterMoney Debit cards?

Call Member Solutions at 586.228.8484 or contact us at any branch as soon as possible. Complete the necessary steps to block your ATM and MasterMoney Debit card. With proper identification, we will issue new cards for your account. If your MasterMoney debit card is lost after business hours call 888-241-2510 as soon as possible.

What is the charge for ATM machines that are not on the CO-OP Network?

MCCCU will charge you $2.00 per transaction and there is usually a surcharge from the institution that owns the machine. This surcharge can range from $1.00 to $4.00 and will be displayed on the ATM screen before your transaction occurs.

What are the fees for the MasterMoney Debit Card?

The MasterMoney Debit Card has no fees.

Is there a limit to how much money I can withdraw using my ATM card?

There is a daily withdrawal limit is $500.

The ATM machine captured my MasterMoney Debit Card/ATM card. Do you have it or do I need to request a new card?

If you were using an MCCCU ATM, the card cannot be captured. If it was at another ATM, please contact MCCCU and we will block the captured card and order a new card with a new PIN. The captured card will NOT be returned to you.

When I use my MasterMoney Debit Card for a purchase, how long does it take for the charge to appear on my account?

If you select "debit," you will be asked for your PIN number and the purchase will be deducted from your checking account instantly. If you choose "credit," you will be asked to sign a receipt and the charge will appear usually within 48 hours.

Can I use the same PIN for my ATM and MasterMoney Debit Cards?

No, you will only have an ATM or a MasterMoney Debit card. There is no need to have both.

What is the difference between using my MasterMoney Debit Card as a debit or credit, and which is better to use?

Take advantage of all of the benefits of your MasterMoney Debit Card by always selecting 'credit.' The funds will still be withdrawn directly from your checking, and you will receive the purchase protection of MasterCard, a service that does not apply if you choose 'debit. Selecting 'credit'also helps keep your PIN safe from unauthorized access. Be sure to immediately record any purchase made with your MasterMoney Debit Card; transactions will not appear immediately in your account balance and may be processed several days later.


To what address should I mail my Visa payments?

Visa payments should be mailed to: Motor City Co-op Credit Union, 37321 Garfield Road, Clinton Township, MI 48036-2505.

How do I dispute a charge on my Visa statement?

Contact Visa directly at 800-299-9842. Depending on the type of charge and circumstances involved, we will order a merchant copy of the receipt. A representative will give you instructions and assist you with the dispute process.

What is a cash advance?

My Visa statement says I have a cash advance interest owing. I never made a cash advance. A cash advance is funds forwarded from a Visa account by a Visa check, withdrawal at the teller or ATM. Reviewing your statements should reveal when the cash advance occurred. Cash advances accrue interest immediately.

My wallet was lost/stolen. What do I do about my credit cards?

Call Member Solutions at 586.228.8484 or visit any branch as soon as possible. If your Credit Card is lost after business hours call 800-299-9842 as soon as possible. If it is lost while out of the United States, call 727-570-4881 immediately.

I applied for a Visa Credit Card. Can I do a balance transfer to pay off my other credit cards?

Yes, you can transfer credit card balances to your MCCCU Visa in several ways. Contact us online via email or at 586.228.8484. We will issue cashier's checks to transfer your balances.

What is a Secured Visa?

Whether you are a student, just starting out, or re-building your credit portfolio, a Secured Visa may be the right choice for you. By depositing 110% of the credit line you wish to establish into your savings account, your card will be fully secured. You will continue to earn dividends on your deposits. The minimum line of credit is $500.

How can I cash advance my Visa, and are there any fees?

Cash advances can be done through the teller line at any bank that accepts Visa. Each institution may charge a small fee. A cash advance can also be made through the ATM machines. If it is not a CO-OP Network ATM there may be a surcharge. An advance can also be made over the phone and deposited to your account. We do not have any cash advance fees at MCCCU.

Can I use my Visa card abroad?

Our Visa credit card and MasterMoney debit card can be used internationally anywhere that Visa and MasterCard is accepted. An international service fee up to 1% of the purchase will be assessed for purchases made outside of the U.S.

What is Fraud Alert Management or Falcon©?

Fraud Alert Management is a fraud prevention service provided by MCCCU. This system provides continual monitoring of card activity to identify and help protect your accounts against fraudulent use. When unusual spending behaviors or transactions appear on your card, a Fraud Alert Management service representative will contact you by phone to verify the suspicious transactions. If the transactions are not yours, Fraud Alert Management will assist you in blocking your cards and reporting unauthorized usage.

How do I know if a call to verify Visa transactions is really from a MCCCU representative and not someone trying to steal my information?

A Visa Fraud Alert Management System call will be an automated recording. The recording will state that the call is from Motor City Co-op Credit Union and will request that you verify information. MCCCU will only request that you verify information that we already know. You can also recognize an MCCCU transaction verification call by the toll-free number. The return phone number will be 800-241-2440 or 800-437-9392.

How do I increase my Visa credit limit?

Increases to your Visa credit limit may be requested at any of our branch locations, via telephone at586.772.6330 opt. 2 or by using the MCCCU Loan Application.

What number should I call to activate my Visa credit card or MasterMoney debit card?

Call the number that is printed on the label located on the front of your new card; Visa Credit Card 800-543-5073 MasterMoney debit card 800-466-0040