Is Your Child Ready for His or Her First Phone?

It used to be that getting a driver’s license was the official milestone when freedom and the race toward growing up began. Today, thanks to the ever-evolving world of technology, the timeline has accelerated—having a phone to call your own is the new first step toward independence. Continue reading

Protecting Yourself from Fraud

Cyber Security Finger on ButtonIt only takes a few seconds to lose a wallet or purse and all the precious information held inside. Unfortunately, not everyone will be so kind to turn that lost wallet over to the rightful owner. While wallets and purses are still stolen today, thieves are getting smarter and are frequently stealing your credit and debit card information electronically. Continue reading

6 Rules for Using Gift Funds For Your New Home

box with key and bowIf you are ready to purchase a home, it is time to consider which resources you will use towards the down payment and closing costs of your future home. Gift funds can make a huge difference in covering the cost of expenses linked with a home purchase, especially the down payment and closing costs. Continue reading

Refinancing a mortgage, what does it mean?

House with percentage signYou hear the term all the time, but many do not know the types of mortgage refinancing. Continue reading

8 things you didn't know about VA Home Loans!

Are you a veteran or active military personnel? Are you looking to purchase a home? Look no further, here are 8 facts about VA Home Loans! Continue reading