Young Woman with Credit Card and Tablet


Whenever you want it, wherever you need it.  

As a CFCU Credit Cardholder you are able to manage your credit card entirely online. Through CFCU's online banking you have access to our online credit card manager. From here you can view important account information, view and print statements, set up recurring payments and much more!

But the online manager is not just limited to accessing information! Right from the home page you can:

  • Sign up for E-Statements - Stop receiving your statements in the mail. Get them faster and more secure in your email. 
  • Activate a New Card - If you have a new card pending activation, you will see the last four numbers of the card above the current card information. Simply select "Activate Card."
  • Download the CFCU Credit Card Manager App - Now you have instant access to your credit card right from your phone. Download the CFCU Credit Card Manager App by searching for "CFCU Credit" in the Google Play or iTunes App store. 
  • Sign up for alerts - You are able to receive important alerts in your email or even as a text! Set up alerts for purchase alerts, payment reminders, or if you are close to your credit line. 
  • Request a Balance Transfer - Transfer high interest credit card balances to your CFCU Visa. You could save money each month on interest and lower your monthly payment!
  • Report a Card Lost/Stolen - Report a card lost or stolen without ever having to call. 

The online card manager is making it easier than ever to manage your credit card. For more information about any of the available services or if you have any questions about your account please contact us at .