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Taxes can be stressful, but filing should be simple! Christian Financial has tax solutions to save you money when filing; plus, affordable solutions if you owe the IRS this year. 

Easy filing solutions and special savings

Christian Financial members get exclusive deals and discounts through our Love My Credit Union Rewards program. Save up to $15 on TurboTax federal products, plus get your maximum refund! Get started and save today!

Payment options with a Personal Loan

Do you owe money to the IRS because of your tax return? Are you looking for a way to pay without wiping out your savings account? Christian Financial has personal loan rates as low as 5.99% APR* to help find a tax solution for you!

Effective September 27, 2021

Personal Loans

Type Term APR*
Line of Credit   9.90%
Personal Loan**** Up to 60 months 8.90%
Seasonal Personal Loan** For 12 months 5.99%
Share Pledged Loan   6.25%
Certificate Pledged Loan***   6.25%

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates shown are the best available, are based on credit history, are available only on loans not already financed with CFCU and subject to change without notice. Loans requested for more than 95% of collateral value may be subject to a higher rate of interest. Members refinancing existing Christian Financial Credit Union loans are subject to a higher rate of interest.Please see a CFCU Financial Service Representative for full details. **For example, for a loan of $5,000 at 12 months with an interest rate of 5.99%, the monthly payment would be $430.31. Minimum loan amount limited to $500.00. Maximum loan amount limited to $5,000.00. No additional discounts for Auto Transfer/Electronic Payment. ***Term of loan cannot exceed term of certificate. ****Rate shown includes discount for automatic payment.

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