Scholarship Applications Now Available

Continue reading to see how you can qualify for a scholarship of $1,000 or $500. The scholarship application deadline is June 8 at 5 pm. Applications must be submitted online.
Members of Christian Financial who will be attending a college or university full time in fall 2018 are eligible to apply. Each applicant mush have established membership prior to the application due date. For more on becoming a member, click here! 
How to Apply:
To apply for the Christian Financial Scholarship, you will need to complete the application, available here, and create 3 short blog posts. The application can be submitted via the online form.
Step 1:
Create 3 blog articles with the following requirements:
  • Blog article topics should be money/finance related and be relevant to you and your peers
  • Blog articles should be at least 300 words or more
  • Posts can contain appropriate infographics, pictures or videos
  • Blogs can be either written in a document file (i.e. Word or .pdf) or posted online to your personal blog site (share the URL).
Step 2:
Complete and submit the Scholarship Application form by clicking here.
Make sure your blog articles are uploaded and the application is turned in by 5pm on June 8th to be considered. Three $1,000 and five $500 scholarships will be awarded by a committee based on blog response, quality, and creativity.
Contact with any questions.