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CEO Corner- Evaluate your Debt for Financial Success

With the presidential election only a few weeks away, many are wondering what impact this will have on interest rates. While rates remain low for the time being, many experts predict that the Federal Reserve could raise them in the near future. This means that now is a perfect time to evaluate your current debt situation and consider refinancing.
Why should you evaluate your current debt? Assessing your current debt situation will help determine where you can save money. Start by listing all current debts and interest rates associated with your loans and the monthly payment amounts. This will show you a visual of how much debt you are paying each month, what interest you are accruing and where you might be able to save money monthly.

Refinancing interest rates can be a huge money saver and is a great way to help put more money back into your pocket. Mortgages and auto loans are great places to compare rates, since rates on those loans are extremely low right now. View mortgage rates. View our auto rates. We can even help you save by consolidating high-interest credit card and medical debt into a low-rate Debt shed loan.

Knowing how much current debt you owe is essential to your financial health. At CFCU, we are here to help you review your current debt with other financial institutions to determine if we can help you save by refinancing. Christian Financial makes applying for a loan refinance easy.

Step 1: Check our low rates on our website.
Step 2: Complete this form and one of our Financial Service Representatives (FSR) will contact you to set up a free one-on-one evaluation of your debt situation.
Step 3: Meet with one of our FSRs and see how we can help you save!

If you would like a Financial Service Representative to contact you about saving money by refinancing your current debt, click here to fill out a contact form.

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