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For Your Protection

Christian Financial is always looking for ways to protect our members. Please be aware of this potential scam we have been notified about. 
There has recently been some abuse with the Social Security Administration's (SSA) online service called My Social Security Account. We have become aware of two ways the scam is being conducted.
  1. A phishing scam that encourages people to create a My Social Security Account, by entering all of their personal information on a scam site. 
  2. Scammers are setting up My Social Security Accounts on behalf of people, then changing the direct deposit to accounts they control. 

Protect Yourself

There are a few different way that you can protect yourself:
  • If you receive an official-looking email from the Social Security Administration with an invite to create an account, do not click on any of the links in the email. The links may take you to the scam site. If you would like to sign up for a My Social Security Account go directly to the site,
  • To prevent anyone from creating an account on your behalf, create a MySSA account with a strong username and password. This will make sure you already have an account using your information before anyone else tries to create one using the same information. 
  • Once you have created an account go to the setting and choose the option that any changes to the account into which your check is electronically deposited can only be done physically at a Social Security branch office. This will deter anyone from attempting to change your account information to their account through the website. 
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