Tap, Snap, Deposit and WIN!

Earn cash for depositing your personal checks.
Don’t have time to deposit your check at Christian Financial? Save a trip with our ChristianFCU Mobile App! As a member you are able to deposit checks, access your account balance, pay bills, and so much more!

During September, Christian Financial is matching 5 random checks up to $100.** All you have to do is tap, snap, and deposit your personal checks using the ChristianFCU mobile banking app.
Depositing checks are simple with our Mobile Banking App. Here is how:
  1. Make sure to download the ChristianFCU Mobile Banking app.
  2. Once you log into the app on your phone. The mobile check capture option should be available.
  3. Select "Deposits" in the navigation. Select the account you'd like to deposit the check into and the amount of the check. 
  4. Take a clear photo of the front and back of the check.
  5. Confirm the deposit.* We recommend storing the check for a minimum of 60 days. Check images will stay inside of the mobile app for you to review for up to 30 days.
 Learn more about the Mobile Banking App, see additional details here!

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‚Äč*All checks deposited through this service will have a minimum 2 business day hold.
**Amount awarded will be in the value of the winning check that was deposited up to $100 in the member’s account. Money will be deposited in the month of October.