FRAUD ALERT | Be Vigilant for Phishing Scams

Recently, Christian Financial has had members report an increase in phishing calls attempting to obtain personal information.
As a reminder, CFCU WILL contact you by phone from time to time if a legitimate fraud transaction was reported on your debit or credit card.

 We will NEVER ask for your
  • PIN number,
  • Expiration date or
  • CVV security code from the back of your card.
If you receive one of these calls, or if you are concerned about the legitimacy of a call, please hang up right away and call us at 586.772.6330. Our Member Solutions Center can confirm the legitimacy of any phone call, text, or email you receive.


Turn Your Debit/Credit Card OFF. If you suspect your card has fraudulent activity, log into online or mobile banking and turn your card off. Then, call CFCU. 
Set Up Alerts. Setting up alerts in Digital Banking can be one of your best defenses against fraud. Transaction alerts will notify you of all purchases on your debit/credit card. If you see a transaction that is not yours, turn off your card and call Christian Financial.