Identity Theft Protection

Christian Financial Credit Union offers AlertMe, a credit-monitoring service designed to help your fight identity theft which is a growing problem that affects millions of Americans.  AlertMe gives early warning of activity on your credit report. Since credit report activity can be a sign of possible identity theft, early detection can help you catch problems quickly to minimize losses.

AlertMe monitors your Experian credit file daily. New accounts, credit cards over the credit limit, and address changes are just a few of the items AlertMe monitors.  If an activity occurs, AlertMe will send you an email alerting you to the activity.  You can log into the AlertMe Web site to read details about the activity and determine if it is suspicious. AlertMe will also send an email to remind you to order your annual free credit reports.

The AlertMe cost is $4.25 month. Quarterly and annual plans are available at a reduced rate. Click here to enroll or to learn more about AlertMe.