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Courtesy Pay & Overdraft Coverage

As a benefit to our members, we offer a useful feature on our checking account product - Overdraft Protection and Courtesy Pay! With Overdraft Protection, we may pay your non-sufficient-funds (NSF) checks and fees up to a pre-approved limit. This feature will save you time, embarrassment and the additional fees charged by many companies and merchants.

Transactions that can impact a draft account that may be subject to the overdraft policy include, but are not limited to:

  • Checks
  • ACH Transactions
  • Recurring Debit Card Withdrawals

Courtesy Pay allows overdraft protection on one-time debit card transactions, and you must opt-in for this coverage.

Ready to Opt-In?

You can fill out our Debit Courtesy Pay Overdraft Consent Form here.

Overdraft (NSF, Courtesy Pay) Service Charges

  • Returned deposited items
  • Non-sufficient funds (drafts, debit card transactions, debit card ATM withdrawals/purchases, pre-authorized withdrawals or bill pay items)
  • Items (ACH, checks, debit card transactions and online bill payment) paid by Courtesy Pay
$28.00 per item
Overdraft transfers from one deposit product to another (system-generated) - 
Essential Checking is allowed 4 total free per month across all Essential Checking accounts. Additional transfers are subject to this fee. Overdraft transfers from Lines of Credit are free.
  • Imposed for overdrafts created by checks, ATM withdrawals, debit card transactions at the Point of Sale, Bill Payments, ACH or by other electronic means.
$1.50 per item
Negative account fee for accounts with a negative status of 14 days or more $0.50 per day
Stop payment on checks or ACH $28.00


See our Fee Disclosure for additional fees that may be assessed with Courtesy Pay and Overdraft Coverage.