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Your New Debit Card

Chip Cards



Your New Debit Card

When will I receive my new chip-enabled Visa Debit card?

You will receive your new card at your address between February 26 and April 27, 2018. You will be notified 7-10 days prior to the receipt of your card that it is on the way.

When can I use my new Visa Debit card?

You should activate your card as soon as you receive it and begin using it immediately.  Be sure to destroy your old card as soon as the new one is activated.

How do I activate my new Debit card?

Included with your new card will be a set of instructions. Call the number given from your home phone number on file with Christian Financial.

What if my phone number has changed or I don’t know which phone number is on file?

Having your current phone number on file with us is critical to ensuring no interruption of service. If you’re not sure what number we have, or would like to update it, log into online banking and select "My Profile" in the upper righthand corner.. If the address or phone number are not current, you can submit a change in online banking by going to the "Account Services" tab and clicking "Requests" on the lefthand side, then "Address Change." You can also update your address or phone number by contacting us by phone at 586.772.6330 or by visiting any branch office.

Will my Debit card number change?

Yes, you will receive a new card number. Make sure to update any automatic bill payments or made with your old Christian Financial Debit card number.

Will I have to pay any fees to use my new Debit card?

No, there are no additional fees associated with your new card. 

Will I be getting a PIN?

You will receive a new PIN number separately in the mail, so keep an eye out for that to arrive in the mail in addition to your new card.

I'll be traveling in the spring. How do I make sure I get the new Debit card?

If you will be traveling out of town at any time during February 26th - April 27th 2018, please email or call 586-772-6330 immediately to notify us of travel plans and avoid card service disruption.

Can I still use my chip card at an ATM or point of sale location that is not chip-enabled?

Yes, your card will have both a chip and a magnetic strip to accommodate any type of card reader you need to use.

Chip Cards

What is a chip card?

A chip or EMV card is a card with chip-based technology featuring an embedded microchip to provide enhanced security and protection against fraud. The microchip provides unique information for your card as each transaction is being performed and used at a chip-enabled terminal. Chip cards look just like old Debit cards, but they include this special microchip to keep you more protected from fraud.

Why is a chip card more secure?

Chip cards protect you from fraud and skimming at retailers by creating a unique one-time code to process each transaction. This code makes it nearly impossible to copy or counterfeit your card information. Instead of linking a payment to your full card and account information, these new debit cards use the one-time code that links only to data for that transaction, keeping your card and your account safer.

Will this new chip card prevent fraud on my card?

The chip card will not prevent all card related fraud, but is designed to enhance the security of fraud protection. These cards are embedded with a chip that provides enhanced security when used at a chip-enabled terminal, providing unique information for each transaction. This changing information provides added security by making the card harder to duplicate.

How do I use my new card in stores?

If the terminal is chip-enabled, it will prompt you to insert it, chip-end first into the terminal. Insert your card in the front of the chip card reader, with the chip facing up. Keep your card in the terminal and provide your signature when prompted. Wait for the transaction to process and the terminal to indicate it’s complete before removing your card. Always remember when you use your chip card to follow the prompts on the terminal and leave your card inserted until prompted to remove it. Look for a two-inch slot near the PIN pad where you insert the card.

Can I still swipe my card to pay?

Yes, in addition to a secure microchip, your new card also includes a magnetic strip on the back, just like your existing card. So if you need to make a payment at a retailer without chip-reading payment terminals, you can simply swipe your card to pay. If the terminal is chip enabled, you will have to insert the card to complete the transaction. If the terminal is only a magnetic strip terminal, you will need to swipe your card.


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What does the change from Mastercard to Visa Debit mean for me?

Visa Debit is accepted wherever you see the Visa logo, and is one of the most accepted networks worldwide. The shift to Visa Debit also means that members will now have access to Visa cardholder benefits, including text alerts for eligible Visa transactions and 24-hour roadside assistance.

What does the new Plus logo on the back of the card mean for me?

The Plus logo is a new addition to CFCU Debit cards, which gives you access to over 2 million ATMs worldwide as part of the Plus network.