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New Debit Cards are Coming!

‚ÄčUpgrade to your new debit card:

WAIT for your card to arrive in the mail. Before we send it, be sure we have the correct address and phone number on file by visiting "My Profile" inside of Online Banking.

If you need to update your address/phone number:

  • Click on my profile (upper right of page)
  • Then click on "Requests" (left hand side of page in blue box)
  • Click on "Address Change." This will allow you to change/update your address and phone number.
Failing to update your contact info could result in delays and/or disruption to your debit card use.  Please make sure to update us as soon as possible!

Do not be alarmed if someone in your household receives their new debit card and you have not yet. Cards will not be sent out at the same time.  We will notify you of when you should expect to receive your card.

IMPORTANT>> If you plan to be out of town at any time during February 26th - April 27th 2018, please notify us before February 5 of any travel plans to ensure uninterrupted access to your debit card. To submit your travel notification, click here!

Activate-Box.jpgActivate your new card from the home phone number on your account and be prepared to answer a few security questions based on the primary cardholder's information. Destroy your old card immediately after activating your new one. 

Update-Box-Orange-(1).jpgUpdate any billers/subscriptions you pay using your debit card, replacing your old number with your new card number.

What's New?

  • Christian Financial Debit cards now have enhanced security with an EMV chip! 
  • New Debit cards carry the Visa brand. Visa Debit carries several benefits, including:
    • Text alerts for eligible Visa transactions. 
    • Roadside dispatch. Visa provides FREE 24-hour access to roadside assistance such as towing, jump starting, fuel delivery, lockout services and much more. Click for full details. 
  • New Debit cards include the Plus logo on the back, giving you access to over 2 million ATMs worldwide.
Visit the FAQs and other tabs on this page for more information, and check back here regularly for the most recent updates on the new chip debit cards.