Young Woman on Couch with card and computer


Q. Can I really use my card for purchases without paying interest charges?

A. Yes. Since the money for your purchase comes directly out of your checking account, there are no interest charges unless you access you overdraft your account or use a non-CO-OP ATM.

Q. Are there any fees to use the card?

A. No. This card is FEE FREE. When you make a purchase at a merchant you may be prompted to choose between a “debit” and a “credit” transaction. Please choose “CREDIT”.

Q. Is it safe?

A. Absolutely! You’ll have $0 liability for any unauthorized transaction… and carrying your card is much safer than carrying cash.

Q. What other benefits will I enjoy?

A. Your CFCU Debit card can get you out of checkout lines fast because you won’t have to wait for check approvals. Every purchase will be listed on your monthly checking account statement, which can simplify your record keeping.

Q. How do I change my PIN number?

A. Go to any CFCU ATM machine and change your PIN there. Don't have time to make it to a branch? Call 1-800-503-9249 and enter the card reference number. You will also need the card expiration date, as well as the primary date of birth on the account.