We want to help you build your savings while enjoying everyday adventures! Open a Certificate of Deposit and start saving with rates and terms that fit your needs.

Effective September 27, 2023

Certificates of Deposit

Term Dividend Rate APY* Minimum Balance
6 Month 1.99% 2.00% $1,000
12 Month Super Saver Certificate** 3.93% 4.00% $500
12 Month Save To Win Certificate*** 1.49% 1.50% $25
12 Month Youth Certificate 4.89% 5.00% $250
12 Month 4.89% 5.00% $1,000
18 Month 4.89% 5.00% $1,000
24 Month 5.13% 5.25% $1,000
36 Month 3.69% 3.75% $1,000
48 Month 3.45% 3.50% $1,000
60 Month 3.45% 3.50% $1,000

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. APY is not variable and will not change after the certificate is opened. **Additional Super Saver deposits not to exceed $50,000 in aggregate per Certificate. Maximum number of Super Saver Certificates is limited to TWO per Social Security number. *** Additional deposits can be made throughout the term of the certificate. Maximum number of Save To Win Certificates is limited to ONE per Social Security number. See full disclosures for specific Save To Win CD details. CD Early Withdrawal Penalties:
   -   CDs with a maturity of 12 months or less: the penalty will be equal to 90 days interest (whether earned or not);
   -   CDs with a maturity of 18, 24, 36, or 48 months: the penalty will be 180 days interest (whether earned or not);
   -   CDs with a maturity of 60 months or more: the penalty will be one year of interest (whether earned or not);
   -   Twelve Month Save To Win CDs: the penalty will be equal to $25.
Note: If the interest penalty exceeds the interest earned, the difference shall be deducted from the principal amount.
The dividend rate is subject to change without notice.
See our Fee Schedule for other fees that may be assessed with your savings account.
**Early withdrawal penalties may apply. Please see our Disclosures for complete disclosure information. Interest is computed daily and is paid monthly or at maturity. Additional deposits during term are limited to $50,000.00.

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