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Are you ready to start saving for a home? The NestFund is just for you!

NestFund is a variable rate certificate of deposit that allows you to add to your balance throughout the term. Along with helping you save for a down payment on your first home, NestFund brings you exclusive features to help you boost your savings. ​
  • NestFund has a low minimum balance of only $100 so it's easy to get started! 
  • The rate of the certificate varies based on the Detroit area housing market. When home values go up, so will your interest rate, giving you the opportunity to earn even more. (Based on S&P/Case Shiller Detroit Index)*
  • When you open the account, you will set up an automatic transfer from your checking or savings account of at least $20 per week. That way, you know your savings will grow - that's over $1,000 each year! You can choose to set up a higher amount to transfer each week, or make deposits when you have extra cash.
  • It's easy to add to your NestFund - make deposits in a branch or transfer money using Online Banking. Even your parents, friends & family can help you save with online transfers or in a branch. 
  • Ready to buy your home? When you finance your home through Mortgage Center, Christian Financial will match the interest you've earned! Plus, we will waive the penalty fee for an early withdrawal.
  Effective April 5, 2020


Term Interest Rate APY* Minimum Balance
24 Month  1.341 % 1.349% $100.00
36 Month 1.596% 1.607% $100.00
48 Month  1.711% 1.724% $100.00
60 Month   2.140% 2.161% $100.00

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Total deposits not to exceed $25,000 in aggregate per Certificate. Maximum number of NestFund Certificates is limited to ONE per Social Security number. Minimum opening balance is $100.00.

CD Early Withdrawal Penalties: CDs with a maturity of 24 months: the penalty will be 180 days interest (whether earned or not); CDs with a maturity of 36, 48, or 60 months: the penalty will be one year of interest (whether earned or not). Note: If the interest penalty exceeds the interest earned, the difference shall be deducted from the principal amount. Penalty waived if funds are used towards a home purchase financed through Mortgage Center. CFCU will match interest earned up to $500 when funds are used for a down payment for a mortgage financed with Mortgage Center. Rate may increase or decrease based on changes in the Case Shiller Detroit Index. The maximum rate at any point in the term shall not exceed 3.00% APY or fall below 0.50% APY.
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