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Plan your retirement with an Individual Retirement Account at Christian Financial. Choose from our IRA Savings or a high-yield IRA Term Share Certificate. Visit one of our locations to open an IRA today!

What is an IRA?

An IRA is a tool that can be used to save for your retirement. Individual Retirement Accounts often have certain tax advantages associated with them, making this a great account to stash away your savings. You should also know that there are often penalties for withdrawal before the age of 54 and a half.

IRA Savings Account

At Christian Financial, dividends on our IRA Savings are calculated by the daily balance method and will be compounded and credited quarterly. The dividend period is quarterly and determined by the Board of Directors. You must maintain a minimum balance of $1,000.00 to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield.

IRA Term Share Certificate

Dividends on our IRA Term Share Certificates are compounded and credited monthly. With a minimum of only $1,000 to open, you can build your way to retirement security.

Open an IRA

Ready to take the next steps to open an IRA? Visit one of our locations and one of our Financial Services Representatives can help you today!

Effective October 24, 2021

IRA Certificates

Term Dividend Rate APY* Minimum Balance
12 Month 0.45% 0.45% $1,000
18 Month 0.50% 0.50% $1,000
24 Month 0.60% 0.60% $1,000
36 Month 0.70% 0.70% $1,000
48 Month 0.85% 0.85% $1,000
60 Month 1.24% 1.25% $1,000

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. All rates are subject to change without notice. Contact a CFCU Financial Service Representative for full details.

Savings Service Charges

Excessive withdrawals on a Money Market account
(more than 6 withdrawals per month)
$3.00 per item
HSA set-up fee $20.00
IRA Savings inactivity fee (reviewed for activity between January 1 and December 31 each calendar year), effective for accounts with a balance less than $1,000.00 $40.00
IRA Certificate & IRA Savings closeout charge $25.00
See our Fee Schedule for other fees that may be assessed with your savings account.

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