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Savings Service Charges

Excessive withdrawals on a Money Market account
(more than 6 withdrawals per month)
$3.00 per item
HSA set-up fee $20.00
IRA Savings inactivity fee (reviewed for activity between January 1 and December 31 each calendar year), effective for accounts with a balance less than $1,000.00 $40.00
IRA Certificate & IRA Savings closeout charge $25.00

Checking Service Charges

Essential Checking $6.00 per month
E-Checking with/without E-Statements FREE/$6.00 per month
Select Checking with/without Debit Card, active loan & direct deposit FREE/$7.50 per month

Overdraft (NSF, Courtesy Pay) Service Charges

  • Returned deposited items
  • Non-sufficient funds (drafts, debit card transactions, debit card ATM withdrawals/purchases, pre-authorized withdrawals or bill pay items)
  • Items (ACH, checks, debit card transactions and online bill payment) paid by Courtesy Pay
$28.00 per presentment
Overdraft transfers from one deposit product to another (system-generated) - 
Essential Checking is allowed 4 total free per month across all Essential Checking accounts. Additional transfers are subject to this fee. Overdraft transfers from Lines of Credit are free.
  • Imposed for overdrafts created by checks, ATM withdrawals, debit card transactions at the Point of Sale, Bill Payments, ACH or by other electronic means.
$1.50 per item
Negative account fee for accounts with a negative status of 15 days or more $0.50 per day
Stop payment on checks or ACH $28.00 or $56.00 per series

Card Service Charges

Card/PIN replacements $5.00
Cash withdrawals at a Non-CO-OP ATM $1.75
Visa Gift Cards $3.50

Send Money Service Charges

Outgoing domestic wire phone/in-branch request $25.00
Outgoing foreign wire $40.00
Incoming wire (Domestic or Foreign) $5.00

Online Bill Pay Service Charges

Online Bill Pay Monthly Maintenance Charge with/without E-Checking (Includes up to 25 payments) FREE/$3.00 per month 
Online Bill Pay Excessive Payments Charge (includes total count of bill payments, account-to-account transfers and Popmoney transactions in excess of 25) $0.40/payment
Online Bill Pay same day payments $9.95
Online Bill Pay next day overnight checks $14.95
PopMoney, per transaction $0.50
Account-to-Account transfers (transfers between your accounts at CFCU and your accounts at other financial institutions) $5.00

Business Online Bill Pay Service Charges

Online Business Bill Pay $9.95 per month for 20 transactions + $.40 each additional
Online Bill Pay same day payments $9.95
Online Bill Pay next day overnight checks $14.95

Services and Special Processing Charges

One-time membership fee (at account opening) $10.00
Account Inactivity Charge (assessed on accounts with no activity within the past 12 months)  $5.00 per month
Account closure fee Lesser of $10.00 or remaining balance in the account.
Copy of a check $3.00
Check withdrawal by mail fee $2.00 per check
Check image (PDF via secured email system) $10.00
Cashier's/Counter Check $3.00 
Money Order $2.00
Account Research and Reconciliation $20.00 per hour
Garnishment/levy processing $50.00
Bad address $10.00
Non-member check cashing charge $5.00 for checks $1,000 or less/$15 for checks $1,001+
Canadian check handling $10.00 (non-U.S. funds only)
Loan payments by phone or web using a non-CFCU account, debit or credit card $10.00
Escheated account $50.00 per account
Statement copies/history print-out $2.00
Foreign card access at CFCU ATMs $2.50
Home Equity Subordination Fee $50.00
ATM Adjustment Fee $6.00 each
Rapid Cash Processing Fee $50.00

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