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Christian Financial offers two different Visa Credit Card options that can help you build credit and are flexible to fit your needs. Credit cardholders will receive more information in the coming weeks about your new Christian Financial Credit Union Visa Card.  If you would like to see how the two Visa Credit Cards compare, visit our comparison page



Look out for your new Credit Card arriving between October 5 - 20. See below for instructions on when and how to activate your new CFCU Visa Credit Card. 


After receiving your new CFCU Visa Credit Card, it is important to note that you must wait until after 9 am on Sunday, October 25 to activate your card. Then, STOP using your current MCCCU credit card and destroy it.


When calling to activate your new card on October 25, you will be required to call from the primary phone number listed on your Christian Financial Visa credit card account. Be prepared to answer a few security questions based on the primary cardholder's information. 


Once your new Credit Card is activated, be sure to update any billing information with your new card number for automatic payments you had set up on your previous card. Then make sure to download our CFCU Credit Card Manager App! Available in the Google Play or Apple App stores, just search "CFCU Credit".



+ When will I receive my new CFCU Visa Credit Card?

You can expect to receive your new CFCU Visa Credit Card between October 5 and October 20.

+ What happens to the balance on my Motor City Credit Card?

Your current balance will be applied to your new CFCU Visa Credit Card. The available balance you have on your Motor City card will also be applied to your new CFCU Visa Credit Card.  If you had historic balances in grandfathered plans from prior rate changes/promotions from Motor City, those grandfathered balances will convert over to your new CFCU card in their grandfathered plans.    

+ Can I still make payments on my Motor City Credit Card?

Any payments made up until the 21st will be applied to your balance on your Motor City card. Payments will be suspended from 10/22 – 10/25. You will be able to resume making payments on Monday the 26th, and those payments will be applied to your new CFCU card. 

+ Will I have to set up a new recurring Autopay?

Payments that were set up in ezCard Info will need to be scheduled in the CFCU Credit Card Online Access on or after October 26th. Payments set up through other means will pulled on the existing credit card due date. Please note: Payments that have been scheduled for a day other than the due date, will now pull on the due date. Please review your scheduled Autopay on or after October 26th to ensure your payment is sufficient to cover your new minimum payment (2.5% of the balance or $25.00, whichever is greater.)

+ How do I set up a PIN for accessing my credit card at the ATM?

You can call 888.886.0083 to select a PIN at any time.

+ Where can I find my old credit card statements?

Current Motor City credit cardholders, please make sure to download any credit card statements prior to the October 23 credit card conversion. If you need any statements or credit card information after October 23, please contact us at If you do not already have an eZcard account, you will need to register to view your statements and account activity.

+ What will happen to my Scorecard Rewards?

Scorecard Rewards must be redeemed by November 30, or they will be forfeited. To redeem any outstanding Scorecard Rewards points you can visit or call 800.854.0790.


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