When you're juggling checking and savings accounts, loan payments, retirement savings and more, it can be easy to lose sight of your overall financial health. That's why Christian Financial offers its members access to Money Management, an easy-to-use budgeting tool where you can view your entire financial portfolio in one place. 

Using Money Management is as easy as signing on to your online banking account or mobile app. The interface tracks spending, debts, and budgets in clear data visualizations that help you identify trends and set goals to improve your financial health across your accounts with Christian Financial Credit Union and elsewhere. 

+ What is Money Management?

- It's a free, versatile tool that combines, tracks, and organizes all of your financial information. You can see your transactions and expenses, create budgets, set future goals, and more.

+ Is Money Management secure?

- Security is one of our top priorities, and you can be assured your financial data is protected with Money Management. Money Management uses bank level encryption and security measures to keep the data safe and secure. Your personal information is never shared with or sold to a third party.

+ Is there a mobile version?

- Yes. You can access Money Management through the ChristianFCU Banking mobile app.

+ How far back will Money Management get information for my Christian Financial accounts and those at other institutions?

- It will import 90 days' of transaction history when you log in. The amount from another institution varies according to its policies.

+ How long does Money Management save Christian Financial Credit Union transaction histories?

- As long as you are a member with Christian Financial.

+ Can I add an account that isn't supported for automatic downloading?

- Yes. Log in to Money Management, open Account View, then click on +Add an Account in the navigation bar. Choose Account Type, enter your details, and click Save.

+ How do I add an asset, like my home or vehicle, to balance my loans in net worth?

- Click on +Add a Manual Account and choose Property under Account Type.

+ How does Money Management categorize transactions?

- When imported, they're auto-categorized based on how you and other users manage similar transactions. When you change a category, Money Management will remember your preference for the next time.

+ Can I delete Christian Financial accounts?

- No, these cannot be deleted. You can, however, choose to exclude accounts.

+ Can I recover transactions or other data from a deleted account?

- No, this data can't be recovered from an account that's been deleted. Before you delete, be sure that's something you want to do.

+ Money Management will not import one or more of my external accounts. Why?

- Not all online systems are compatible with common aggregation methods.

+ How do I categorize loan payments and transfers? Why?

- A special category, Transfer, is for loan payments and transfers excluded from Spending and Budgets.

*Please Note: All loan payments have two transactions: the negative transaction of money leaving your bank account, and the positive transaction of money being paid toward a debt, decreasing the amount you owe. The negative transaction should be categorized as an expense, so your budget will reflect your spending in that area. The positive transaction should be categorized as a transfer, so it does not void the expense of the loan payment. Credit card payments are different from auto loan payments, since there is no property associated. Credit card payments are for money borrowed, on a transaction already accounted for in your budget. If you actively use your credit card, those payments should be categorized as Transfer: Credit Card Payment.

+ I added checking and savings from another financial institution. Why didn't my loans and other accounts import as well?

- It depends on where you have funds, but you will usually need to add each account separately. This means if you have three accounts with another institution, such as checking, savings, and a loan, you will need to enter your log-in credentials for each type.

+ What browser do you recommend for Money Management?

- Support varies based on browser version. Chrome will be more compatible than an outdated Internet Explorer version. If your browser is incompatible, Money Management will alert you.

+ Show me more Money Management help and FAQs!

- Members can find support and help inside Money Management. Look for the help icon on the top right corner of Money Management. The icon looks like a circle with a question mark inside.

+ How and where do I request support for Money Management?

- Members can submit support tickets to Money Management right inside Money Management under the help section. The MX support team are comprised of highly skilled support specialists that will be answering all your questions. Support emails will come from Please make sure to check your spam folders as your support reply might end up in spam.


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