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Christian Financial Credit Union | Learning Center

Learning Center

Below are links to tutorials that can help you maximize your accounts with us. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, feel free to contact us.

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CFCU Tutorial Videos

Personal & Business Banking Tutorials

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Enrolling in Digital Banking

Learn about how to enroll in Digital Banking.

Logging Into Mobile Banking

Find out how to log into our ChristianFCU Banking app.

Navigating Mobile Banking

Learn about how to navigate our ChristianFCU Banking app.

Logging Into Online Banking

Learn how to log into Online Banking.

Navigating Online Banking

Learn about navigating Online Banking.

Products & Services Tutorials

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Discover Alexa Banking

Learn how to connect your Alexa device to our ChristianFCU Banking app.

Card Management

Learn about managing your debit and credit cards with Card Management.

Credit Coach

Learn how Credit Coach can help improve your credit score.

External Transfers & Payments

Learn about External Transfers & Payments within Christian Financials Digital Banking.

Transfers To Other Members

Learn about Cross Accounts within Christian Financials Digital Banking.

Mobile Check

Learn how to deposit a check in the ChristianFCU Banking app.

Setting Up

Learn how to set up alerts in the Christian Financials Digital Banking.

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