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Signature Card ImageChristian Financial’s Visa Signature credit card is a low-rate credit card designed for members looking to earn rewards on everyday purchases. A Christian Financial Visa Signature card can be managed through Digital Banking and Card Management.

Get More with a Christian Financial Visa Signature Card

When you spend $2,000 or more in the first 90 days of opening your credit card, you will earn $100 Cash Back. You also get 2% Cash Back when you transfer balances from outside institutions to your new Christian Financial Visa Signature card in the first 30 days the account is open!**

Christian Financial Visa Signature Card Benefits

Being a Christian Financial Visa Signature cardholder comes with several exclusive benefits, including Cash Back, Buyer's Protection, Auto, Visa Concierge, and more! Discover all the ways you can benefit from having a Christian Financial Visa Signature credit card.
Effective September 27, 2023

Visa Credit Cards

Visa Platinum Credit Card 8.90%
Visa Signature Credit Card - (Minimum Credit Line of $5,000) 9.90%

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates shown are the best available, are based on credit history, and subject to change without notice. Please see a Christian Financial Service Representative for full details. Click here to view a complete guide to your signature benefits. **$100 Cash Back for spend and 2% Cash Back for balance transfers is applicable to new accounts only.  Offers do not apply to account upgrades or transfers from an existing Christian Financial account. Balance transfer offer is valid only on balances transferred from outside institutions.
Visa Signature Online Application

Coverage when you go over your limit

Avoid the embarrassment of being declined at the register with our Over the Credit Limit coverage. Connect with us on our Let's Talk! chat feature. 

Desktop Access

  1. In order to access the Cashback Mall, you will first need to login to Online Banking. 
  2. Once you login to Online Banking, you will navigate the drop down menu and select your Signature Credit Card.
  3. After navigating to the account Home Page, you have two options to access the Cashback Mall. 
  4. The first option that you can use is the REWARDS button that is over the Quicklinks option on the right hand side of your screen. 
Credit Card Manager Home page

        5.The second option ito use the Services Button on the Left Hand side of the screen.
        6.You will then choose the Rewards Option to take you to the Cashback Mall page. 

      7. Both options will take you to the Rebate Mall page, here you can see how much you have earned in Cashback.

Rebate Mall

      8. Here you will select the CashBack Mall logo to select how you would like to redeem your CashBack. 

Redeem in CashBack Mall

      9. Here you choose where to apply your CashBack. 
STEP 1  |  Log in to the ChristianFCU Banking App on your smart phone.

STEP 2  |  Once logged in, you will navigate to the bottom right corner of your smart phone screen and tap on the three ellispes.

STEP 3  |  Scroll down to the "DEBIT & CREDIT Cards" section and tap on "Credit Card Rewards and Statements" 

STEP 4  |  Then, select your Christian Financial Visa Signature Card and tap on the word "REWARDS". This is located next to the "Minimum Due" for access into the Cashback Mall. 

STEP 5  |  Once you are in the CashBack Mall, decide how you would like to redeem your CashBack and then tap on the "Redeem" button.

If you have any questions about redeeming your CashBack in the CashBack Mall, please feel free to contact us using the chat button on the bottom right of your screen. 

Report a card Lost or Stolen:

Call 1.586.772.6330

PIN Change:

Call: 1.888.886.0083 and enter the card reference number. You will need:
  • Card Reference Number
  • Full Account Number
  • Primary Date of Birth on the Account 
  • CVV (3 digit code on the back of the card).

Visa Signature Concierge:

Call 1.800.953.7392
For calls outside the U.S. call Visa collect 1.630.350.4551

Blocked Countries for Visa credit card use: 

  • Cuba
  • Iran