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Take advantage of exclusive in-store and online offers from local, regional, and national retailers as a CFCU Visa Signature card holder with the Cashback Mall.

What is Cashback Mall?

The Cashback Mall keeps track of the amount of cash back that you have earned with your “Available Rebate” amount listed in your account. If you need help accessing the Cashback Mall you can view our step by step guide here. Once you are in the Cashback Mall you can set your preferences to find offers to specific online or in-store shopping.

Benefits of Cashback Mall

Additional benefits of the Cashback Mall include earning extra cash when making purchases in the Cashback Mall, discounts, extra perks from your favorite retailers, and you can earn even more Cash Back on travel purchases. Plus, you can search for your favorite stores, restaurants, or services, so you can use the cash back however you wish! See what the Cashback Mall looks like.

Access the Cashback Mall to start redeeming

See a step by step guide to accessing Cashback Mall here

+How do I earn the additional Cash Back being advertised by a merchant?

- Make sure to read the details of the offer before you buy. For some in-store offers, you may see an "Activate" button next to the offer. You will need to click that button prior to shopping at that merchant to earn the advertised Cash Back. If no button or link is noted, simply use your CFCU Visa Signature to make your purchase in-store. For online offers, you will need to use the link to the merchant provided from the Mall to earn the Cash Back. You will need to pay with your CFCU Visa Signature card to obtain any merchant rewards. If you 'Activate' a reward for an in-store offer, please take note of the expiration date. Once that date has passed, your offer will no longer be active. 

+How can I access the Cashback Mall? 

-Simply log in to Online Banking from a desktop computer and click on your credit card to access your online credit card manager. You will see a link for the Cashback Mall in the upper right corner of your screen.  

+When can I request my Cash Back? 

-Anytime! There are no more annual payouts. Once your Cash Back redemption total has accrued to a minimum of $5, Signature Card Holders can request Cash Back at-will. It may take up to three business days to post your redemption. 

+Does my Cash Back ever expire? 

-Your Cash Back expires at the end of the fifth calendar year from which it was earned. For example, Cash Back earned in 2016 will expire at year-end 2020. 

+ Does the Cash Back advertised by a merchant include the 1.00% Cash Back I'm earning from CFCU, or is that in addition to it? 

-The Cash Back advertised by a merchant is in addition to your 1.00% from CFCU