New Online & Mobile Banking Built Just for You!


On February 13, you’ll notice a whole new look and feel in your Christian Financial Online and Mobile Banking! Along with the new look and easier access, there will be a whole new suite of products and features bundled together to make managing all of your finances more convenient!

Innovative features include: 

+Will my username stay the same?

-In some cases, yes. If your current Username is your member number (only a series of numbers, no letters), you will be prompted to change it upon first login for your security. 

+Did my password change? 

-When you log into Online or Mobile Banking on Feb. 13h for the first time, yes your password will be different. You will log in with a first time temporary password that looks like this: First Initial Uppercase + Last Initial Uppercase + Month of Birth (2 Digits) + Last 4 of SSN  Once you log in successfully, you'll be prompted to change your password.  

+I used this new password but it's not working. What am I doing wrong? 

-Make sure you are using the information for the person linked to the account. For example, if you and your spouse share a login, make sure you take note of who the Online Banking login actually belongs to - and use the information for that person. 

+Why are you changing Online and Mobile Banking? 

-We always strive to provide products and services that are easy and convenient for members. In addition, we want to provide tools and resources that help members manage credit and debt, and make budgeting easier. We're excited to be able to offer so much more functionality, convenience and value to our digital experience. 

+Today I transfer money to someone who doesn't have a role on my account in Online Banking (cross-account transfer). Will I be able to do that in the new Online Banking? 

- Yes! Your cross-accounts you have set up today will not come over to the new Online Banking, however, you will be able to set up new ones to other members who are not joint on your account. 

+I transfer money from my accounts at Christian Financial to another financial institution on a recurring basis. Will that change? 

-Yes, if you have recurring external transfers to or from another financial institution, those will not automatically convert. You will need to set those up again. 

+Do I have to log into Online Banking for the first time on the new system, or can I log into Mobile Banking first? 

-For consumer (personal) accounts, no, you can log in for the first time on any device. 

+Will Popmoney still be available in the new Online/Mobile Banking?  

-No. We are happy to report that it will be replaced by Zelle for Person to Person payments, which has a lot of exciting new functionality and is widely considered one of the most prevalent person-to-person payment solutions in the market today. 

+Will I need to download the new mobile app?

-Yes, we have a much more robust mobile app in the Google Play or iTunes App Store called ChristianFCU Banking or ChristianFCU Business Banking for Business Accounts. Upon deleting your old app, install the new one.  

+My mobile app isn't working. Why can't I get it to log me in?  

-First, make sure you have uninstalled the old app and re-installed the new app, look in the app store for ChristianFCU Banking. 

+I can't get into Mobile Banking. I'm getting an error that I don't have completed information on my profile. 

-Most likely you do not have a phone number on file. Log into the desktop (Online Banking) version first and add a phone number via My Settings. After logging out, you should be able to access Mobile Banking. 

+My verification code is not working when entered.

-Ensure you are using a six (6) digit code in the text, not the text header code (where the text comes from). Also, make sure if you sent multiple codes that you enter the most recent one.