Christian Financial Outreach & Impact Foundation

How to Request a Grant

The Christian Financial Credit Union Outreach & Impact Foundation is committed to supporting families of all kinds in the communities we serve through stable housing, improved quality of life, financial well-being, and empowerment of the next generation. Through grants from the Foundation, we support 501(c)(3) organizations in the communities we serve. It is strongly encouraged that potential applicants read our guidelines prior to submitting an application to confirm their eligibility to apply. Cause-related sponsorships (different from a grant) are considered and evaluated based on the organization’s mission and impact in our service area as well as the event’s impact and sponsorship recognition. These types of requests should be submitted through our Contact Us page by selecting the Request Sponsorship tab.


Eligibility Requirements:

The Foundation seeks to partner with organizations who demonstrate the following:

Reporting & Recognition Guidelines:

Are you a 501(c)3 organization? (only 501c3 organizations are eligible for grants):
In order to qualify for a grant, organizations must serve our field of membership.
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