Whether you want to create a budget to help build savings, pay off your debt, or just stay on track, GreenPath can assist you. As a benefit of membership at CFCU, you can request free and confidential counseling appointment by calling the GreenPath Toll-Free Information Line at (877) 337-3399.

Financial counseling appointments are focused entirely on your concerns, and are conducted over the phone for one hour at a time. After setting the appointment, a GreenPath financial counselor will call you at the scheduled time and devote each hour to helping the you with your financial needs. You are not limited in the number of appointments you may have, and all appointments include a detailed worksheet and action plan provided by the counselor.

Budgeting Software

GreenPath offers an easy-to-use software tool called BudgetSmart that uses simple graphics and bar charts to help you manage money more effectively. You can use the program to establish a budget, track spending habits, view tips for improving areas of overspending (or inadequate saving), and experiment with "what if'" scenarios to determine how a major purchase or change in income would impact your budget.

BudgetSmart Institution ID and Passcode for Download:


The Debt Management Plan (DMP) is another free service provided to members as a benefit of the GreenPath partnership. Members who are having difficulty paying bills or staying current on credit cards may sign up for this valuable service.

GreenPath counselors will contact your creditors on your behalf to negotiate concessions and/or work out loan payment agreements. Typically, credit card companies will agree to lower interest, eliminate fees, and cease collection activity. You would then make your payment to GreenPath, and we would pay your creditors. Through our disbursement process, payments are sent out daily (electronically via ACH whenever possible).

Members participating in a DMP are required to close all unsecured accounts and are typically debt-free within 60 months.


The GreenPath program also provides free credit report counseling to assist you in understanding your personal credit report and credit score. GreenPath financial counselors will help your resolve inaccurate information, understand how bureaus report information and become more credit worthy.

GreenPath will provide a free credit report to members participating in the Debt Management Plan, and all others can obtain a credit report for a nominal fee. Members can obtain a report simply by calling (800) 550-1961.

You are also entitled to one free credit report annually from each of the nationwide consumer credit reporting companies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Click here to request your free annual credit report from AnnualCreditReport.com.