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Switching your accounts to Christian Financial is easier than you think. Start your switch today with 3 easy steps.
  1. Open your new Christian Financial checking account online or in branch.  
  2. Update your automatic transfers - notify any businesses or financial institutions that have automatic transfers to or from your old account. These could include: Direct Deposits, Pension or Social Security, Loan and/or Mortgage Payments. 
  3. Set up Bill Pay - Add companies you pay in your new Online Bill Pay. You have control over when bills are paid and it's more secure than payments set up from an outside company. Schedule automatic, recurring, or one-time payments, and organize your bills whatever way works best for you. 
    • Make sure to cancel any auto payments you currently have, once the payment is set up in Bill Pay. 

And You're Done!

You can start using your new account right away!  If you would like a CFCU Visa® Debit Card to enhance your account experience, apply for one today. Don't want to wait? Visit one of our branches to get an instant issued card! 

Need additional help? Our Member Service Representatives are here to help. Chat with us today.