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Once You Receive Your New Card
  • For your security we do not mail your provided PIN number associated with your CFCU Visa Debit Card. You will receive a separate mailer within 3 to 5 days prior or after receiving your new card.
  • You are able to change your PIN by phone or by visiting any CFCU ATM. 
  • Joint members will receive a unique debit card but will need to use the primary member's information to activate the card
Tips For Using Your Card
  • Your CFCU Visa Debit Card is a new chip card. To use your chip card, enter the chip into the bottom of the terminal. Follow the prompts and remove your card when instructed.
  • Always select Credit as your transaction type. Credit transactions help to prevent possible fraudulent activity by avoiding the use of your PIN. 
  • Your Visa Debit Card can be used as an ATM card at over 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs including any CFCU ATM. 
  • Be aware of your "Available Account Balance." This is the balance available for use in your account, not your actual balance. 
  • Sign up for Visa Purchase Alerts and get notified of alerts such as:
    • Reachinga  purchase threshold
    • International purchases
    • Online or over the phone purchases
Protecting Your Information
  • Take Precautions
    • Avoid using common or obvious passwords or PINs such as birth dates or SSNs
    • Don't give out personal information unless you initiated the conversation
    • Shred receipts, mail offers, and statements instead of throwing them in the trash
  • Be on Guard
    • Regularly monitor your account history
    • Be aware of phishing scams & always ask questions - CFCU is a great resource for assistance
    • CFCU's FALCON system monitors for fraudulent/suspicious activity and allows us to protect you and your account information
  • If you are made aware of fraudulent activity
    • Report your card lost or stolen by calling 1.800.754.4128 - this will shut down your card to prevent any additional activity
    • Contact CFCU immediately
Find a CO-OP Network ATM
Did you know, you have access to over 30,000 surcharge-free* CO-OP network ATMs, which is more than most traditional bank customers do! To find a fee-free ATM near you: Click here or download our CFCU Mobile banking App by selecting the app store you need below.
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Useful Links and Resources

Purchase Alerts - Click here to sign up
Activate your card - 1.800.466.0040
Report Lost/Stolen - 1.800.754.4128
PIN Change - 1.800.503.9249 
You can also change your PIN at any CFCU ATM! 

Falcon Security:
Domestic: 888.241.2440
International: 909.941.1034
Automated: 877.276.3721

Rates & Service Charges
Blocked Countries for Debit Card Use

Roadside Dispatch

Visa provides FREE 24-hour access to roadside assistance such as towing, jump starting, fuel delivery, lockout services and much more. Click for full details.