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Open a Money Market account and as your balance increases, your rate increases. The minimum balance requirement is $100. You can make up to 6 withdrawals or transfers out of the account per month without penalty. The annual dividend is computed daily, and paid and compounded monthly.

Open a Money Market Account Now

Effective June 6, 2020

Money Market

  Dividend Rate APY* Minimum Balance
Money Market Savings** 0.050% 0.05% $100.00 - $2,499.99
  0.250% 0.25% $2,500.00 -  $9,999.99
  .399% .40% $10,000.00 - 49,999.99
  .648% .65% $50,000.00 and over

*APY= Annual Percentage Yield. The dividend rate is subject to change without notice. **This account has a blended rate. For more details regarding this rate please view our full disclosures