Savings Service Charges

Excessive withdrawals on a Money Market account
(more than 6 withdrawals per month)
$3.00 per item
HSA set-up fee $20.00
IRA Savings inactivity fee (reviewed for activity between January 1 and December 31 each calendar year), effective for accounts with a balance less than $1,000.00 $40.00
IRA Certificate & IRA Savings closeout charge $25.00
See our Fee Schedule for other fees that may be assessed with your savings account.

Checking Service Charges

Essential Checking $6.00 per month
E-Checking with/without E-Statements* FREE/$6.00 per month
Select Checking with/without Debit Card, active loan & direct deposit FREE/$7.50 per month

*If a member has E-Checking and is not enrolled in E-Statements during a given monthly period, a monthly maintenance fee of $6.00 will be assessed for each month until re-enrolled in the E-Statement program. Business accounts not eligible for E-Checking. Click here for our Schedule of Service Charges.

Overdraft (NSF, Courtesy Pay) Service Charges

  • Returned deposited items
  • Non-sufficient funds (drafts, debit card transactions, debit card ATM withdrawals/purchases, pre-authorized withdrawals or bill pay items)
  • Items (ACH, checks, debit card transactions and online bill payment) paid by Courtesy Pay
$28.00 per presentment
Overdraft transfers from one deposit product to another (system-generated) - 
Essential Checking is allowed 4 total free per month across all Essential Checking accounts. Additional transfers are subject to this fee. Overdraft transfers from Lines of Credit are free.
  • Imposed for overdrafts created by checks, ATM withdrawals, debit card transactions at the Point of Sale, Bill Payments, ACH or by other electronic means.
$1.50 per item
Negative account fee for accounts with a negative status of 15 days or more $0.50 per day
Stop payment on checks or ACH $28.00 or $56.00 per series

Card Service Charges

Card/PIN replacements $5.00
Cash withdrawals at a Non-CO-OP ATM $1.75
Visa Gift Cards $3.50

Send Money Service Charges

Outgoing domestic wire phone/in-branch request $25.00
Outgoing foreign wire $40.00
Incoming wire (Domestic or Foreign) $5.00

Online Bill Pay Service Charges

Online Bill Pay Monthly Maintenance Charge with/without E-Checking (Includes up to 25 payments) FREE/$3.00 per month 
Online Bill Pay Excessive Payments Charge (includes total count of bill payments, account-to-account transfers and Popmoney transactions in excess of 25) $0.40/payment
Online Bill Pay same day payments $9.95
Online Bill Pay next day overnight checks $14.95
PopMoney, per transaction $0.50
Account-to-Account transfers (transfers between your accounts at CFCU and your accounts at other financial institutions) $5.00
*NOTE: Using this feature requires enrollment in the Bill Pay service. There is no monthly maintenance charge to members enrolled in Bill Pay who have our E-Checking product. Please click here or additional information on Bill Pay fees for additional information on Bill Pay fees. *Transactions are processed through the ACH Network and post to your account in 1-3 business days. There is a $5.00 per transaction fee for the External Transfer services.A fee may be charged for each Popmoney transaction. Fees for the transaction are displayed below the amount field. Members must be 18 years of age or older to use Popmoney.

Business Online Bill Pay Service Charges

Online Business Bill Pay $9.95 per month for 20 transactions + $.40 each additional
Online Bill Pay same day payments $9.95
Online Bill Pay next day overnight checks $14.95

Services and Special Processing Charges

One-time membership fee (at account opening) $10.00
Account Inactivity Charge (assessed on accounts with no activity within the past 12 months)  $5.00 per month
Account closure fee Lesser of $10.00 or remaining balance in the account.
Copy of a check $3.00
Check withdrawal by mail fee $2.00 per check
Check image (PDF via secured email system) $10.00
Cashier's/Counter Check $3.00 
Money Order $2.00
Account Research and Reconciliation $20.00 per hour
Garnishment/levy processing $50.00
Bad address $10.00
Non-member check cashing charge $5.00 for checks $1,000 or less/$15 for checks $1,001+
Canadian check handling $10.00 (non-U.S. funds only)
Loan payments by phone or web using a non-CFCU account, debit or credit card $10.00
Escheated account $50.00 per account
Statement copies/history print-out $2.00
Foreign card access at CFCU ATMs $2.50
Home Equity Subordination Fee $50.00
ATM Adjustment Fee $6.00 each

Click here for a printable version of our fee schedule.