Phishing Scams Targeting Members

CO-OP Financial Services has received reports from participating credit unions about an increase in phishing scams targeting members.

In these scams, fraudsters are leveraging SMS messages or phone calls to reach out to members, often under the disguise that the member's card is blocked. After the member responds to the correspondence, the fraudster looks to ‘authenticate’ the member by asking for personally identifiable information (PII). Once this data has been obtained the fraudster may take further actions, including changing a PIN or using travel notifications. This is followed by fraudulent activity, often at ATMs. 


Please be aware that credit unions using SMS messaging and travel notifications may experience an increase in phishing scams as criminal impostors target member online login credentials, PINs, and various forms of PII.


CO-OP's Fraud Prevention team is continually monitoring and developing fraud prevention strategies for the card payment and Shared Branch platforms – and your knowledge of localized scams is essential to building a stronger defense for all. Please report localized fraud scams directly to CO-OP’s Fraud Prevention team at


Report localized fraud scams directly to CO-OP’s Fraud Prevention team at For further questions, please contact Client Care at 800-782-9042, or by email at