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Our first priority is your financial well-being. That includes making your payment needs esy, accessible and providing assistance options. Find information about our payment options, Debt Management asssistance and Christian Financial's Payment Assistance below. You can always reach out to us using the contact option in the lower right.

Payment Assistance From Christian Financial

Have you recently experienced financial hardship? Do you need assistance paying on your accounts with Christian Financial? We are here for you and you have options!
Whether you are looking for help with a single payment or if you need ongoing assistance, our team can help.
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Payment Options

Paying on your loans and credit lines at Christian Financial is easy! We have a number of ways for you to stay current on your payments or even make payments on the go!

With automatic payments you can save time and be assured your Christian Financial loan payments are made on time. Automatic payments can be scheduled on a day of your choosing from a Christian Financial account or any outside financial institution for your Christian Financial loan.


Set Up Your Auto Pay!

Select the loan type below for the loan you would like to set up a payment for. If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact us at

You can schedule a transfer/payment to be made from one of your other Christian Financial accounts in our Mobile App or Online Banking. 

Set up a scheduled payment:

  1. Log into digital banking. 
  2. Select the "Transfers" option in Mobile or the "Move Money" option in Online Banking. 
  3. Select "Scheduled"
  4. Set up your transfer details and frequency

Make payments from an account at another institution through the mobile banking app or online banking. 

Setting Up An External Transfer

  1. Download the ChristianFCU Mobile app. 
  2. Select select "Pay a Loan with an External Account" to make a payment with another financial institution. 
  3. Set up the external account information, if applicable, then enter the payment amount.
  4. Schedule your payment.

Christian Financial's Express Pay allows you to make a one-time, same day* loan payment. Payment options include: Visa Debit, Mastercard Credit/Debit or from a checking account at another financial institution.**

Using Express Pay is Simple

To pay via Express Pay, you will need your loan number and be the primary/joint owner of the loan. Loan numbers can be found on your monthly Estatement. Still need your loan number? Call us at 586.772.6330 or message us through our contact form. 

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Express Pay

Express Pay* - per loan payment          $10.00 
*A $10 fee to use Express Pay will be applied per transaction. Christian Financial Visa Credit Cards cannot be paid through Express Pay. One-time loan payments made through Express Pay will be applied same-day if made before 5:00 pm on a Christian Financial business day. **Christian Financial Visa®️ Debit or Credit Cards cannot be used as payment methods in Express Pay. Full Disclosures


Debt Management and Budgeting Services

Our partner, GreenPath Financial Wellness, provides you with access to one-on-one financial counseling, debt management services, and financial education tools. GreenPath will work with you to provide the best possible options based on your individual financial situation.

Financial conversations don’t need to be painful! One of their kind, caring, NFCC-certified counselors will help you access the resources and experiences you need to make informed financial decisions and find your path to a bright financial future. It’s free, no-pressure, and 100% confidential.
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