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Like your car, but not the payment? Consider a Lease Buyout.

An auto lease buyout empowers drivers to take full control of their vehicle, by converting a leased car into a permanent asset. This transition not only eliminates the uncertainty associated with lease-end decisions but also provides a path to ownership. Imagine driving the car you’ve come to love without the worry of mileage restrictions or wear-and-tear charges. 

Additionally, economic uncertainties and increased payments have led consumers to seek expense reductions. If you love your current leased car but don’t love the increase in a new car payment, CFCU has a solution for you. Our Auto Loan rates and competitive financing could help you save money every month by buying out your current lease!  

Consider buying out your lease if:

  • There have been little to no repairs needed since you’ve had the car 
  • You like your vehicle and want to keep it 
  • There are no other vehicles in your price range

Still unsure if a lease buy out is a good option for you? Contact us to get a free payment evaluation!**

**Free payment evaluation is not a commitment or guarantee for financing. Contact Christian Financial for full details.