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managing credit card on the go

Everyday Easy: Card Management

Say goodbye to stress and hello to peace of mind with CFCU’s innovative card management solution. With Card Management, you can take control of your CFCU debit and credit cards from the comfort of your home or on the go.

Cancel & Turn Cards On/Off:

Imagine having the power to control your cards with just a tap of your finger. With Card Management, that’s exactly what you get. Once your card is visible in the app, you can easily turn your Christian Financial debit or credit card on or off whenever you choose. Whether you’re safeguarding against unauthorized use or simply taking a break from spending, the control is in your hands.

Alerts & Notifications:

Stay in the know about your card activity with customizable alerts and notifications. Set up text messages, emails, and push notifications for various transaction categories, including:

  • Merchant Types: From department stores to restaurants and travel expenses, receive alerts for transactions in specific categories.
  • Transaction Types: Whether it’s in-store purchases, online shopping, ATM withdrawals, or mail/phone orders, stay informed about every transaction.
  • Location Type: Keep tabs on foreign transactions and receive notifications when your card is used outside your designated regions.
  • Spending Limits: Set spending limits and receive alerts for transactions exceeding a certain dollar amount, giving you added security and control over your finances.

Set Travel Notices:

Planning a trip? No problem. With Card Management, you can set travel notices to let us know of your travel plans. That way you can help prevent unauthorized activity on your cards and avoid getting flagged for irregular activity while you’re away, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Report Credit Cards Lost or Stolen*:

Misplaced your card? Don’t panic. With Card Management, you can turn your card off/on in real-time if you suspect it’s lost or stolen. Once your card is off, report it lost or stolen directly within the app on any device.

Order A Replacement Credit Card*:

In need of a new card? No problem. Whether your card is lost, stolen, or simply in poor condition, you can easily order a replacement card at your convenience.

With features designed to empower you and protect your financial well-being, it’s never been easier to manage your cards with confidence. Access card management in online and mobile banking. Discover all the ways CFCU makes managing your money everyday, easy.

*Please note that these features are currently available for Credit Cards only, providing added convenience and security for Christian Financial members.