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Everyday Easy: Skip the Trip

Banking with CFCU means, there is no more rushing to a branch during your lunch break or after work. CFCU offers convenient online and mobile banking tools that empower you to take control of your money without disrupting your busy schedule.

Online & Mobile Banking: Your Financial Command Center

CFCU’s online and mobile banking platforms offer a bunch of features to simplify your financial life.

  • Bill Pay – simplified to ensure your expenses are covered on time. You can even scan a bill to automatically add it to bill pay.
  • Card Management – For added security and control over your CFCU Debit and Credit Cards.
  • Online Applications – easily apply for loans, credit cards, and other financial products with most of your personal information auto-filled. You could even get an automated decision right away.
  • Zelle – quickly and securely make transfers, ideal for splitting bills with roommates or sending money to family.

Mobile Check Depositing: One Less Thing on Your To-Do List

Say goodbye to lines at the branch just to deposit a check. CFCU’s mobile check deposit feature allows you to deposit checks right from your smartphone, saving you time and hassle. All it takes is a few simple steps:

  • Log in to your mobile banking app.
  • Enter the necessary check information.
  • Snap photos of the front and back of the check.
  • Confirm and submit your deposit.

It’s banking on your terms!

Wearables: Banking at Your Fingertips, Literally (Personal Only)

Embrace the convenience of wearable banking with CFCU. Now, you can check your account balances and even make payments using your debit or credit card directly from your smartwatch or other wearables.

Alexa Banking: Your Personal Finance Assistant (Personal Only)

Experience the future of banking with CFCU’s Alexa integration. Simply ask Alexa for updates on your account, transaction history, or available balance, and receive instant responses. With voice-activated banking, managing your money becomes as easy as asking a question.

At CFCU, we understand the importance of making banking effortless for our members. With our online and mobile tools, including mobile check depositing, wearables integration, and Alexa banking, we’re committed to providing you with convenient and simple solutions to your financial needs. Discover all the ways CFCU makes managing your money everyday, easy.