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Spring Into Financial Growth With a CD

Certificates of deposit, or CDs, are the perfect option for making your savings grow. It is a safe and predictable savings account that pays you a higher interest rate in return for securely locking your money away for a certain period of time.

What is a CD?

A CD, which stands for Certificate of Deposit, is a special savings account that will grow money over time. When you open a CD, you agree to keep your money in the account for a specific length of time. During this period, you cannot withdraw money easily like you would from a regular savings account. In return for saving your money in the CD, you will begin to accumulate interest. The longer you agree to keep your money on the CD, the more interest you will earn.

Why should I open a CD?

One of the primary advantages of a CD is the higher interest rates it offers compared to traditional savings accounts. By locking in your funds for a fixed period, you can enjoy more substantial returns on your investment. This is especially beneficial in today’s high-interest-rate environment.

Are there any risks involved?

Christian Financial is NCUA Insured, which means we can assure your money is protected and secured. The NCUA regulates credit unions, insures deposits, and protects the members of credit unions. Your CD’s performance is independent of market fluctuations, so there is no risk involved. Plus, you can open your new CD online in minutes. Fund your new CD with money held outside the Credit Union or from your Christian Financial account.

Other Options for Certificates of Deposits:

Super Saver* — With a Super Saver Certificate, all you need is $500 and one year until maturity. The best part is that during the term you can make additional deposits of at least $50.

Term Certificates* — A term certificate allows you to choose the length of time to invest your money. Christian Financial offers term certificates ranging from 6 months to 5 years.

Save to Win* — Save to Win is a 12-month certificate of deposit that builds savings while also giving you the chance to win thousands of cash prizes monthly and several $5,000 cash prizes quarterly each year!

Interested in seeing how much you could save with our CDs? Calculate it below!

Calculate CD/Savings Account Earnings

CD Term
6 Month
12 Month
12 Month Save To Win Certificate
12 Month Super Saver Certificate
12 Month Youth Certificate
18 Month
24 Month
36 Month
48 Month
60 Month
APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates effective as of May 27, 2024. Dividends are compounded and credited quarterly for 6 month CDs and monthly for all other CDs. Penalties may apply for early withdrawals from certificate accounts. Fees may reduce earnings. Rates are subject to change without notice. Super Saver and Save to Win CDs allow additional deposits throughout the term. See full details for terms and conditions.
Calculator results are estimates based on information you provide and Christian Financial does not guarantee your ability to receive these terms. Contact us for full terms and conditions.

*View our full Account Agreement Disclosure.
**View our Save to Win Official Rules.

APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates shown are the best available, are based on credit history, are available only on loans not already financed with Christian Financial and subject to change without notice. Rates listed are based on automatic loan payment. Loans requested for more than 105% of collateral value may be subject to a higher rate of interest. Members refinancing existing Christian Financial loans are subject to a higher rate of interest. Please contact us for full details.