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Explore an overview of all our personal banking services and resources, making it easy to navigate your financial journey.

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Credit Cards

Our credit cards offer low rates if you’re just starting out, limits to help boost your credit, cash back and perks.

Savings Accounts

Whether you're looking to amplify your savings for short-term goals or lay the groundwork for future financial security – we have solutions for you!

Certificate of Deposit

A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is like a money time capsule – you lock away your cash for a set amount of time, and in return, your account gains interest.

Money Market Savings

Earn more on your savings with a Money Market Account! As your account balance increases, your rate also increases. Plus, the minimum deposit is only $100.

Spending Accounts

A CFCU spending account is versatile and easy to use, with extra features and add-ons that make it exactly what you need.

Youth Accounts

We offer beginner tools and resources for kids, students, and young adults to help them manage their finances better.

The Lobby

Visit the Lobby when you have a virtual appointment with us.


Home Equity Lines of Credit

Home Equity Lines of Credit allow you to use your equity to tackle that big project or expense.

Home Equity Loans

The equity in your home could be an untapped resource to help you tackle those home renovation projects, debt consolidation, or other large expenses. Our partner, Mortgage Center, makes it easy.


As a member of CFCU, you have access to Mortgage Center, our partner for more than 30 years. Christian Financial is an owner of Mortgage Center, so they’re invested in helping our members succeed.

Personal Loans

CFCU Personal Loans come in a variety of styles. From Debt Consolidation, Lines of Credit, to closed-end Signature Loans and everything in-between. Let’s find the right fit for you.

Student Loans

Student loans from Christian Financial in partnership with Sallie Mae® could help!


We offer a variety of vehicle loans for any need. Whether you need a new car, you’re looking at a camper or you’re ready to live the boat life, check us out.

Auto Loans

Our low rates are some of the lowest in the state. Whether you’re purchasing brand new or looking to buy out a lease, we have options.

Boat Loans

Our boat loan rates are some of the lowest in the state, so you don’t have to have deep pockets to get the boat you want.

RV Loans

From travel trailers, RVs to pop-up campers, we can help you get on the road with a great rate.



Wealth management and investing can be strenuous and confusing. But Christian Financial has the product, services and even advisors to help you.

Digital Services

Digital Banking Access

The most convenient way to bank is how you want to. Now, you can.

Digital Tools

A digital toolbox full of things to make your life easier and grow your financial dreams.

Financial Calculators

Auto Refinance Calculator 2024: Refinance Your Car Loan with Confidence

Calculate to find out if you should refinance your auto loan at a lower rate.

Balance Transfer Calculator 2024: Should You Transfer Your Credit Card Balances?

Calculate to find if you should transfer your credit card balances.

Best High Yield Savings Account Calculator 2024: Maximize Your Savings

Calculate what your monthly savings has the potential to grow to.

CFCU CD Calculator 2024: Accurately Calculate Your CD Earnings

Calculate how much you CD could earn with our Certificate of Deposit Analyzer!

Credit Card Cash Back Calculator 2024: Maximize Your Rewards

Calculate the Cash Back you could earn with a CFCU credit card.

Debt Consolidation Loan Calculator 2024: Simplify Your Debts With Ease

Calculate to find out if consolidating your debt into a new loan would be beneficial.

Early Loan Payoff Calculator 2024: Fast-Track Your Mortgage Repayment

What monthly payments are needed to pay off my loan sooner calculator

Emergency Fund Calculator 2024: Secure Your Financial Safety Net

Calculate how much money you'll need in case of emergencies.

HELOC Calculator 2024: Determine Your Home Equity Loan Capacity

Calculate your estimated borrowing capacity using a home equity line of credit calculator.

How Long Will My Money Last Calculator 2024: Plan Your Retirement

Calculate how long your money will last you while having systematic withdrawals to your account.

Mortgage Refinance Calculator 2024: Is Refinancing Right for You?

Calculate to find out if you should refinance your mortgage.

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